We at Credit Repair XP keep on researching for good credit repair companies. Another reputed company that provides affordable credit repair is The Credit People. They have a lot to offer and they have two flexible ways through which you can pay for their service.

The Credit People

Key Highlights:

  • A setup fee of just $19. (Also gives you access to credit reports from all three bureaus).
  • Two modes of payment – $59 monthly or $299 upfront (Valid for six months).
  • Unlimited disputes can be made.
  • You can cancel at any time.
  • If you pay upfront, you are can still cancel and a refund is issued for the remainder of the service.

Support and Service

The Credit People gives you an option to try out their services for seven days. This comes at a setup cost of just $19. Once the payment is made they provide the credit reports from the three bureaus, and feed them into their system.

A detailed plan is developed after discussing with the client and the company immediately starts sending disputes to the creditors.

Through the panel, you can see your progress, and if there is any negative entry, that you want to pinpoint, you can do that through the panel.

Considering the price, The Credit People offers a lot of utility to the users.

On the downside, many customers have complained that some negative entries reappear in their credit reports after some time. So we recommend to keep updating your credit reports, and if an entry reappears then you can point that out to your representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Get started?

To start, you simply have to sign up through their website. Once you fill in your details and make the payment, The Credit People, pulls in your credit report and uploads those into their system.

You can then work on a plan, that will include what items you want to dispute. After the plan is made, experts at The Credit People, start to execute it and start emailing dispute letters to creditors.

2. How much does it cost?

The Credit People has two plans – Monthly and Upfront. If you go for the monthly plan, you have to submit a setup fee of 19$ followed by a monthly fee of $59. (Charged after seven days of sign up).

The setup fee is waived off if you go for the upfront payment option, which will cost you $299. This is valid for 6 months. (Most cases are resolved in this period).

3. Which plan should I go for?

If you have lesser number of negative entries, then you can go for the upfront plan. Most cases are resolved within this period and you won’t have to incur any other charges and also save over $60.

However, if a lot of work needs to be done in your report, then opting for a monthly plan is recommended.

4. How Long does it take?

As per the company website, you can expect to see results after the first two months. However, after talking with different customers, you shouldn’t expect major results before the fourth month.

5. Do they offer a guarantee?

The Credit People offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if at any point you feel that their services are not up to the mark, you can cancel their services. You won’t be charged for that month of service.

You can opt out of the services even if you go for upfront payment option. They will issue a refund for the remainder of the services. For example, if you choose to cancel the subscription in the fourth month, they will issue the refund for the remaining two months of service.