Another veteran in the credit repair arena, Sky Blue is perfect if you need faster results so that you can be eligible for a loan or mortgage.


Sky Blue Credit Repair

Key Highlights:

  • Low on cost with a setup fee of $59 and a monthly fee of $59 charged a month after the setup.
  • A special monthly price for couples of $99.
  • Faster results can be expected as they dispute 15 items at once.
  • A 90-day guarantee through which you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with their services.
  • You can opt out of their services at any time.

Support and service

Like any major credit repair company, you get a free consultation with Sky Blue. You can drop them a call on (888-906-1325). In this free consultation, they will have a look at your credit report and give advice on what should and what can be done.

You can then sign up for their services. The initial setup cost is of 59$ after which they get started with the whole process and start getting in touch with creditors and bureaus. After a month they will charge you with another 59 bucks, which will be the recurring monthly fee.

Being in the industry for over 25 years, they know the ins and outs of finance, however, the major reason why you should go for the Sky Blue is their faster dispute process. They send in 15 disputes at a time, which helps in removing multiple items at once and improving your credit score.

This is perfect if you are looking to apply for a car loan or a mortgage, and need to improve your credit score quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Sky Blue Credit Work?

After obtaining your credit reports, Sky Blue feeds them into their system and starts working on negative entries. They seek proof for creditors to a specific entry and if they are unable to prove it, that entry is removed from your report. A removal, in turn, increases your credit score which helps in lowering the interests of your next loan (or mortgage).

They repeat the same process for multiple negative entries and this cumulative effect can drastically increase your credit score.

2. How to Get Started?

Sky Blue offers a free consultation and all you need to do is call on 888-906-1325. In this consultation, they will guide you through your credit report, discuss the negative entries and make a plan that will help in getting rid of these.

To get that process started, you can sign up through their website. Once you are done with that, you will have to provide the credit report from all the three bureaus and Sky Blue will feed that in their system.

Next, they start raising disputes against the negative entries.

3. How Long does it take for the service to work?

Like other reputed credit repair companies, no specific time frame is offered by Sky Blue. This is because each case is different and no one can predict the time it will take to get an entry removed. Furthermore, it is 100% illegal to promise a timeframe for credit repair.

However, Sky Blue dispute multiple items at once (5 per bureaus, a total of 15) and this has helped countless customers achieve faster results. As an average, one can expect a positive change in 2-4 months after signing up.

4. Do they offer a guarantee?

Sky Blue offers a ‘90-day Money Back Guarantee’. So if you are unsatisfied with their services, you can mail them the reason and they will issue a full refund. (This includes the setup fee and any monthly fee paid until that time.)

5. How much does it typically cost?

Sky Blue charges a setup cost of $59. With that, they will review your credit report and discuss what all entries you think are incorrect and should be disputed right away. A month from sign up they charge $59, which is the recurring monthly cost.

It should be noted that you need to provide them the credit report (from all 3 bureaus) at the start. They also seek credit reports from time to time, to verify your progress. You can pay an additional $14.95/month to access credit reports every month.

Secondly, if you are a couple (married or living in) then you can opt for the $99 plan which will cover both of you.