Lexington Law –  Best company overall

With an initial fee of $79 per month, it is one of the largest and deemed as the best company in the market currently.

Lexington Law

It only charges for the work it has completed and allows the customer to cancel their services anytime. It is rated as the best as it also offers few additional services that other credit repair agencies do not and assigns a customer with their own paralegal which are highly skilled and professional.

They also have a package called Concord premium that offers identity theft protection apart from receiving credit reports every month.

Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit has the lowest price among all the credit repair companies, with a price of only $59 per month. They also have a full 90 days’ refund policy no matter what the reason is.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

It is also rated as A+ and allows to cancel their services anytime. If a consumer is short on cash, he or she can take a break from their services, meaning, they can opt out of their program for a month and can start availing their services after the month which acts as a breather if a consumer is low on cash.

CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company

This firm is associated with Transunion and is serving in the industry for more than 15 years now. Credit repair company contacts directly with the lenders for negotiation purposes.


They offer repair fundamentals to help in improving your score and find loopholes in the system so that the customer credit score can be increased.

One of the best schemes they offer is “Pyramid” which is highly rated by the customers and have a positive review. They also provide a tracking facility to track your score and progress on a real-time basis on your mobile.

They also have a special program for identity theft which allows the customer to weave their online security with a price of just $99 per month.

How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in San Antonio?

Before approaching a credit repair organization, it is best to learn the Texas Law, under the provision Texas Finance Code and Texas Business & Commerce Code.(Check Houston Credit Repair Companies) This will help you when you will be contacting any debt collectors or credit reporting agencies.

Many firms advertise their services and products, giving guarantees of 100% result, which is wrong. Avoid the companies that say that they provide guaranteed results because there is no way a credit repair firm can remove the negative accurate information from your credit report.

Additionally, you can also check the score and rating of a credit repair company by checking their reviews on Better Bureau records. This will help in understanding how diligent and reputable their services are.

Alternatively, you can check the services offered by individual credit repair companies and their prices, to pick the best one for your needs in the budget that you have. Research about the services and read the reviews online that if the customers were happy with the support the staff provides to that particular firm.

Remember, that a fair and reputable credit repair company will not get into harassment or any unfair steps for the collection of information or charge any fee just for their consultation. they should also provide customers with a written description of the services offered and any clauses in the regulations.

Why use Credit Repair Services in San Antonio?

A poor credit rating can cost a lot of time and money for the purchase of a home or a car. This can be a problem especially when the items reported in the report are either outdated or wrong.

This makes getting a reasonable interest rate very difficult to purchase the items in need.

This can cause a lot of anxiety along with the time and effort if you do not know how to approach the situations. This is when a credit repair company can help your case.

Credit repair companies are aware of which approach to follow for your personal situations and they understand how they should proceed to coincide their services with Texas Laws and Regulations.

They understand the algorithms adopted by the Credit bureaus and sometimes they also generate referrals so that you can manage your debt a little better. They can audit the credit bureaus on your behalf by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act as the base.

They take all the pain on your behalf and negotiate with the creditors and research with credit bureaus on your behalf so that your interest rates can be lowered and irrelevant items can be waived off.

How do I apply for Credit Repair in San Antonio?

There are a few simple steps to follow so that you can apply for the services of credit repair organization without much of a hassle –

  1. Get a copy of your free credit report from the credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian or Transunion. They are entitled to provide you with your free credit report under the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  2. Review the report carefully to check if the items reported are correct. Remember that a case of bankruptcy stays for 10 years and debts remain for 7 years
  3. You can file a dispute letter to the bureaus in case of any errors found in your report and they are obliged to respond to these disputes within 30 to 45 days as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  4. Remember before approaching a credit repair agency, that they cannot remove negative accurate information. Contact the credit repair organization and explain your situation to them. They can help you by providing advice on how to manage and improve the financials as well as provide free credit educational material
  5. Gather a list of credit repair organizations and choose the best one by comparing the prices and services offered by each one of them
  6. Provide enough supporting documents to the credit repair organization so that they can build your case and help you with the improvement of the score

Local Credit Repair Companies in San Antonio

1. The Credit Repairmen

The Credit Repairmen

The firm does not hesitate to answer all the questions with patience. They always have a master plan for every situation and were able to help increase the score of any of the consumers. Customers always see the results and the staff are very professional apart from this. All customers need to do is follow the plan provided by the company and the credit score will be seen as jumping.

2. Credit Restoration of Texas

Credit Restoration of TexasThe customers have had wonderful experiences with the firm and the company provide the customers with some tools to help to manage the future financials. The customer support is also good as they provide the answer to the questions very quickly. Additionally, they also explain the process beforehand so the customers are well aware of the steps to be followed.

3. Texas Custom Credit Repair

Texas Custom Credit RepairThe firm does a very good job in following up with their customers. They have helped in getting rid of many of the negative items of the customers and are recommended by the customers for their services.

4. CC Credit Solutions

CC Credit SolutionsCustomers saw their credit rating increase and negative items being removed from their report. They are also recommended by the customers and feel that their services won’t disappoint you. Additionally, the cost is very low which makes the firm even more worth it.