Lexington Law –  Best company overall

Lexington Law

Lexington Law charges an initial fee of $99.95 and is rated as an “A” by Better Business Bureau. It is also the oldest firm in the industry and is rated as the best firm due to its professional staff and services.

They assign one paralegal to the respective case, which will be with the customer from the start to end so that he is fully aware and involved with the case, which helps to avoid the hassle of changing the cases between paralegals.

Additionally, they only charge for the completed services. As per its website, they have removed 7 million items in 2016 alone.


Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit is the cheapest credit repair firm with an initial fee of $59. They also provide a scheme to the couples, wherein they are given a discount of 16% if they opt for Sky Blue Credit program together.

A customer also has an option to take a breather, meaning, they are allowed to opt out the services of Sky Blue Credit for a month if they are short on cash and can avail the services again after a month.

Despite having the lowest price in the market, their services are up to the mark and provide all the facilities within a program as provided by other firms.


CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company



Credit Repair company provides all the services as any credit repair firm, but it also has an additional feature of providing live tracking system, wherein a customer can track the score and any updates on a real-time basis on his mobile app.

They are also related to Transunion with 15 years of experience, which gives them a backup of a strong foothold in the market. A customer is also assigned a paralegal from the start to the end of the case which reduces the chance of any identity theft.


How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in Sacramento?

A credit score is important for purchasing of house or car or even getting a loan in Sacramento. The report not only contains all the information of a customer but also provide a financial background and history.

If you want your credit score to improve, or if you feel there is a wrong item getting reported in your report, it is the best to approach a credit report company. They ensure to research on your behind and ask questions to credit bureaus to understand whether the items reported are correct or not. (Check Orlando Credit Repair Companies)

But then the question that arises is, how to choose the right credit repair company? One of the ways that can be used is to avoid those firms that charge the first-hand fee for their consultation services. You should also avoid those firms that guarantee results because there is no way that a credit repair firm would be able to remove the correct negative information.

You should also avoid those firms that ask you to change your security number or identity. A fair and just credit repair firm will provide you with a detailed description of their services in a written format, along with the details of non-counseling services that they provide. They will also provide you with details of the customer’s rights under the Federal Law and will also tell you of the dispute procedures a consumer can follow if they want to directly approach the credit bureau themselves.


Why use Credit Repair Services in Sacramento?

In Sacramento, it is really important to have a good credit score so that when a financial institute enquires of your financials, you are in the safe zone for your purchases. However, a bad score can become overwhelming, especially when we do not know the algorithms followed at the back end by the credit bureaus.

You can check your score for free by logging in to the AnnualCreditReport.com or by contacting the three major bureaus namely, Equifax, Experian or Transunion.

Getting your report in hand will help you to analyze your score closely, which will help you in making the decision of whether or not to approach the credit repair firms. Credit Repair firms cannot remove the correct items but they do the work on your behalf of contacting the bureaus and analysing the algorithms which save the time and effort of a consumer, making your life fairly simple and handling all the paperwork on your behalf, which helps in eliminating all the hassle which otherwise you have to go through alone.

Apart from this, they also research on your billing amounts to check for the errors in the report and negotiate with the creditors to increase your score.


How do I apply for Credit Repair in Sacramento?

It is in your best interest to check for your credit report before approaching any of the credit repair agencies so that you are aware of where exactly you stand. A credit report can be obtained for free either from AnnualCreditReport.com or by contacting the three major bureaus namely, Equifax, Experian or Transunion.

After getting an understanding your credit report, you can list down the credit repair agencies in Sacramento and write down the services provided by each one of them. This will help you to understand which firm can help you with your credit score problems.

Post this, you can read the online reviews of those firms. This will help in understanding if the firm is a credible source or fraudulent and will also help you in ruling out few of the firms.

The next step would be to contact the firms with technical questions to understand and experience their customer support and knowledge of the industry. You can cross-question them to check if they are professional and friendly. If they ask you for a fee for consultation, do not opt for these firms, as these services are given for free.

Remember, that you can withdraw from the services of a credit repair agency within a week of applying in that firm.

Local Credit Repair Companies in Sacramento

1. Blue Water Credit

Blue Water Credit

The staff of Blue Water Credit is termed as professional and explains everything in a simple structure on how the service works. Their services are really quick and easy. They have increased the score of many of the customers significantly. However, there are also few customers whose score decreased instead of going down and feels that their charges are moderate.


2. Credit For Life

Credit For LifeA customer considers the company as his blessing. The team is considered with full of compassion and have significantly increased the score of the customers. However, on the other hand, a customer said that he was guaranteed for the removal of all the negative items within six months but there were no results, despite taking the money from the customer.


3. Sacramento Inquiry Removal

Sacramento Inquiry RemovalThe team of Sacramento Inquiry Removal is very helpful and got rid of the negative fraudulent items of several customers, however, on the other hand, a customer never heard back from them even after paying them with money. A customer even paid fees for 2 months but did not get a word back from them.


4. Progressive Legal Credit Repair

Progressive Legal Credit RepairA customer was asked to pay $1500 to work on hers and her husband case, however, they were not satisfied with the services provided. They were promised that their score will improve within two months’ time, to which they later denied and is not recommended by the customers due to false promises.


5. Credit Connectors

Credit ConnectorsThe firm was able to improve the credit of many customers and was referred to as “unbelievably great”. Additionally, their service is termed as very professional and passionate and is recommended to many customers. They also follow the deadlines very seriously.