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Ovation Credit Services Review

A relatively new company in the credit repair industry, Ovation Credit Services have a lot to offer. They have quickly developed a reputation of fixing complex reports in a quick time.

Ovation Credit Services Review

Key Highlights:

  • $89.00 is charged as a setup fee, and the basic monthly plan starts at $59.00.
  • Discounts available for couples, family members, and military.
  • With add-ons like ‘Fast Track Same-Day Service’ you case is expedited and this helps in getting faster results.
  • A guarantee is offered and if they fail to perform as per the service agreement, a refund for the month is issued.
  • With no contract, you can opt out of their services at any time.

Support and Services:

Ovation Credit Services is quite convenient and transparent in the way it works. Firstly, like all our recommended credit repair companies they offer a free credit consultation. You can sign up for their services at a cost of $89. After that, they get your credit reports from Equifax and the TransUnion, but you will have to provide them your Experian Credit Report.

After all the entries have been made in their system, they give access to Dispute Manager where you can choose the items you want to dispute.

There are two levels of services, which Ovation Credit has to Offer –

  1. Essentials – You get a personal case advisor, who looks over your entries and recommends which one should you challenge first. Using their expertise, clients save a lot of time and it also increases the chances of getting entries removed from your credit report. Then using the dispute manager, you can choose the entries you want to be removed. (Monthly Fee – $59.00).
  1. Essentials Plus – With this you get everything that the ‘essentials’ plan has to offer. To add to that, you get ‘unlimited challenge validation’ and ‘unlimited creditor goodwill letters’. Basically, through these letters, creditors are asked for proof for a particular entry. If they are unable to provide the proof, that entry is removed from the system. With the unlimited option, you can dispute multiple entries.

You also get integrated TransUnion Credit Monitoring, which helps you track the progress of your credit score. (Monthly Fee – $89.00).

What service should I go for?

If there are multiple entries on your credit report, that you feel should be removed then you can go for the “Essentials Plus Service’. With the ‘unlimited letters’ option, you have a higher chance of getting these entries removed and this system is known to bring in faster results.

Once you have seen significant improvement in your credit score, you can downgrade to the ‘Essentials’ and continue till you are 100% satisfied with your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ovation Credit Services Work?

Ovation Credit stores your credit report and discusses what all entries you feel should be removed. This discussion can happen over the phone and you will be assisted by your personal advisor. After you provide all the details into their online system, they come up with an action plan. After that, they proceed to send in letters to different creditors seeking proof for different entries.

If any entry cannot be proved or can be substantiated by the creditor, it is removed from your credit report. All of this helps in increasing your credit score.

How Long does it Take?

The time it will take to improve your credit score completely depends on your credit report. You should also put into account the complexities of an entry. For example, if there is a late payment entry then that has to be disputed and several letters (containing proof) have to be exchanged before the creditor removes that entry.

However, Ovation Credit states that customers see an average of 19 improvements per month.

Can it be made Faster?

If you want to get ‘loan ready’ then you can take advantage of the ‘Fast Track’ add-on. Ovation Services charge a one-time cost of $25. Through this service, you can expect faster results. This helps you in a couple of ways.

First, it completes your setup in one day. So you can get started with the disputes right away.

Secondly, after you finish the requirements of the dispute Manager, Ovation Credit creates dispute letters and sends them to creditors seeking proof for an entry. All of this is done within 24 hours.

Overall, a fast track client is put on priority, which helps in getting faster results.

How much does it cost?

Here are the details of the different costs you will incur with Ovation Credit –

Setup Cost – $89

Monthly Fees -Essentials Plan – $59.

Essentials Plus Plan – $89

Add-Ons –

Fast Track Same-Day Service – $25 (One Time)

Identity Optimization (Helps in protecting your identity) – $25 (one time)

Additionally, 20% discount is given to couples and 10% discount is given to seniors and military personnel.

Do they offer a Guarantee?

Ovation Credit Services, provide a service agreement at the time of sign up. If at any given month they are not able to live up to that, they won’t bill you for that month or if the billing has already been done, they will issue you a full refund.