Lexington Law –  Best company overall

Lexington Law
Lexington Law is considered the best in the market, with more than 15 years of experience, it is one of the oldest in the industry. The initial fee charged by the firm is $99.5. However, the brownie point of this firm is, they charge only for the completed services.

Additionally, they have been rated as an “A” by Better Business Bureau and are very professional at what they do. They assign a paralegal to a particular case that works with the customer from the start until the end. This makes the customer fully aware and in line with the expectations, as it makes him comfortable instead of jumping between customer support.

The website of Lexington Law claims that they have removed 7 million items in the year 2016.

Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue has the lowest price in the entire industry. Its initial fee is of just $59 which they only charge later, once the services have been provided, else a customer has to pay nothing.

They also have a special program for couples, wherein 16% off is given to them if they sign up for a particular service together.

Additionally, a customer can opt out of the service for a month, giving him a break if he is low on cash. For instance, if a customer does not have the budget to pay to the credit repair firm, he can hold on to his case for a month and avail the services after a month giving him the flexibility to manage his cash.

CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company




Credit Repair company has more than 15 years of experience and is backed by Transunion, giving it the credibility of a reputable firm. Credit Repair company has services especially for fraud and identity theft. It provides a live tracking system, wherein it allows the customer to check his score and updates in real time, on his mobile phone as well.

Additionally, they also assign a paralegal for the customer that works on the customer’s case from start until the end.

How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in Orlando?

Before you start digging for a credit repair organization, remember that the accurate negative information on your credit report cannot be erased. For instance, a note for bankruptcy cannot be removed for ten years. Additionally, if a credit repair company is guaranteeing you that it will be able to remove the negative information, then the company is not telling the truth. This will be the first sign that the company is fraudulent.(Check Sacramento Credit Repair Companies)

Additionally, some of the credit repair companies, guarantee that they will be able to hide the bad credit and asks you to establish a new credit identity. Do not opt for such firms as well as it is a federal crime.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to research on the companies before opting for them. You can do that by contacting Orlando’s local consumer agencies or the Attorney General to check if that firm is compliant with laws and regulations.

Why use Credit Repair Services in Orlando?

Having a good credit score in Orlando is very important. It is the basis of your purchases. From entertainment equipment to buying a house, sellers check your credit score to ensure you are financially sound.

However, if your credit score is low the possibility of obtaining a credit can become difficult for you. This is where your credit doctors, i.e., credit repair services come into the picture.

Credit counseling firms teach consumers on credit score and how to improve their financials in the future. They also negotiate with the debtors and creditors so that your score can improve.

They are also up to date with the latest regulations and know how to go about that particular law. Some of the reputable credit repair organizations only charge once the services are complete and delivered to the customer. Thus saving your time and energy with proper utilization of money.

How do I apply for Credit Repair in Orlando?

Before applying for a credit repair in an organization it is always better to check for the credit report yourself to be well aware of what you are getting into.

The best part is you can obtain these reports for free. All you have to do is either sign up with AnnualCreditReport.com or reach out to the three credit bureaus, namely, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, as under the Federal law, they are obliged to provide a free credit report once a year.

After getting the credit report and analyzing the score if you feel you can rectify the score and improve it on your own then you can start with filing a dispute form, else approach a Credit Repair Agency is the best bet.

Start by listing down the credit repair agencies in Orlando and dig for the online reviews to understand which is the best one. You can also call the agencies to cross-question them to understand if their customer support is up to the mark and provide good services at a minimal price.

Ask them difficult questions to understand their industry knowledge. If they charge you any counseling fee up front, walk away from that firm.

Local Credit Repair Companies in Orlando 

1. Great American Credit Repair Company

Great American Credit Repair CompanyCustomers feel that the firm is worth every penny. They were able to remove negatives from the customers and have also successfully increased the score which enabled customers to purchase a house or buy a car.

2. Orlando Florida Credit Repair

Orlando Florida Credit RepairThe firm was able to make a huge difference in a consumer’s credit score. The customers also feel that the price charged by them is more than fair. The customers are very happy with the performance and feel that the staff is very knowledgeable. However, there are also customers who feel they just advertise and no negative items were deleted in case of their experience.

3. Credit Rx America

Credit Rx AmericaA customer tried to remove a collection for some time but was unsuccessful. Credit Rx America was able to get rid of it and increased his credit score by charging a minimal amount.

4. Credit Correction

Credit Correction

Customers are very impressed with the services offered. They feel that they do not waste the customer’s money and deliver only what has been promised. Additionally, they are regarded as trustable, patient and knowledgeable making their customer support to be good. The firm is thus recommended a lot as well.