Lexington Law is a legal company which has been in the credit repair industry for over two decades. During this time, they have developed a system, which helps them get results faster, their team of lawyers and paralegals are financing ninjas well versed with the law and finally, they share a healthy reputation with creditors across state lines.


Lexington Law


Key Highlights –

  • Free access to your credit reports.
  • Free consultation before you sign up. (Can be used to assess what services will be required.)
  • Services start at a 79.95$ price point.
  • An additional 50$ discount is provided for family members, couples, and working military personnel.
  • Finally, you can cancel the service anytime. (No added charges)

Support and Service

Lexington Law has been the credit repair industry for years, and you see their expertise and customer service from the get-go. Before you sign up you can call on their toll-free no. (1-800-293-3672). In this free consultation, they have a look at your credit report, ask some details about your credit and inquire about the past. All of this helps them develop a credit repair plan which will be implemented after you sign up for their services.

Once you sign up, they seek your credit report and jot down the negative entries into their system. You can then log into their system, see the negative items, and dispute them using reasons such as “Wrong amount” or “wrong creditor”. This is hands down the most convenient system for the users.

Once you are done with that, they unleash their system and start working on the improving your credit score.

They have three services which all come with features discussed below –

  1. Concord Standard – They get in touch with the creditors making disputes regarding all the disputed negative data and seek proof/supporting documents for a particular credit. (Fees – $79.95/month)
  2. Concord Premier – This includes everything you get in the standard service plus some helpful financial tools and an identity theft insurance. ($99.95/month).
  3. Premier Plus – This is their most expensive service and with that comes sound financial advice. Apart from working on removing the negative entries, they give you access to certain tools that can help you track your credit score, and they will also give consultation on how you can improve your finances. In a volatile economy, getting an expert to guide you can make all the difference. (Fees – 119.95$/Month)

Which Service should I get?

After speaking with multiple consumers and financial experts, we believe starting with ‘Concord Premier’ makes a lot of sense. Most customers have seen better (and faster) results with it, and all the financial tools make it convenient for you to keep track.

Once the bulk of your work has been done, then you can downgrade to the standard.

However, if you are looking for the long-term play, and want the money to work with you, then you for the Premier Plus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does Lexington Law Credit Repair Work?

If you have to pay a high rate of interest on your credit or loan, a bad credit score is probably behind that. This is where services of Lexington Law can be life-saving. Over time, your report is plagued by bad data which seeps in from late payments, divorce settlements etc. All of these hurt your credit score.

If you take the services of Lexington Law, they have a chat with you and discuss what all discrepancies are there. Then they get in touch with creditors and credit bureaus and ask them for proof as to why a specific credit has not been written off, even after it has been cleared. They also take supporting documents (like receipts) and use them as proof to get negative data removed.

With time, they help you remove negative data from different sources and all of this works for the betterment of credit score. (Finally get rid of those exuberant interest rates)

2. How to Get Started?

Most credit repair companies have different process to get started but here is how you get started with one of the top credit repair company Lexington Law.

You can get in touch with Lexington Law by calling their toll free number (1-800-220-0084). Following that, you get a free consultation, where they help you access your credit report from the different credit reporting agencies.

They then go over the report with you discussing if there is a need for credit repair or not, and give you sound advice as to what can be done. (And mind you all of this for free!)

If you have multiple entries of negative data, you can go ahead with their services, following which they will work with creditors and bureaus to remove that data and improve your credit score.

3. How long does it take for the service to work?

Lexington Law works within the legal framework, and there is no ‘turn around time’ promise. This is because each case is different and with that comes its one complexities. However, they start from the moment you sign up and get in touch with creditors.

As a standard, they are known to remove around 24% of negative data in the first four months. However, many past users have seen faster results.

4. Do they offer a guarantee?

As stated earlier Lexington Law works within the legal framework and if you go by the law it is illegal to offer any guarantee when it comes to credit repair.

Secondly, it is difficult to predict results, but the company has a proven track record with thousands of genuine testimonials.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with their services you can leave and unsubscribe at any given time.

5. How much does it cost? 

The most basic service Lexington has to offer starts at 79.95$ but the one we recommend is the concord premier which will cost you about 99.95$ per month.

If you like to go the extra mile, then the PremierPlus (which costs about 119.95$) which comes up with complete identity protection and some kickass financial tools. If you want to keep track of your finances and want complete privacy, this is the service you should get.