Lexington Law –  Best company overall

Lexington Law

Lexington Law was established in 1991. With 24+ years of experience in credit repairing industry, the firm is considered one of the best. Their website claims that their past clients have seen an average of 10.2 items, or 24% of their presenting negatives removed within 4 months.

But is it really the best company as it claims to be?

Lexington helps with bankruptcies, collections, judgments etc., all you have to do is sign up. After signing up you can obtain your credit reports from all the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, for free. They also help in filling disputes in case of any discrepancies in the reports and the progress can be easily tracked on their online web interface in real time.

The cost for these services by Lexington is split into two types – Standard and Premier, which are affordable considering the services they provide, thus making it worth the price

Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit has been in the industry for 26+ years now and is famous to provide best services at an affordable price. The best feature of this firm has pay-as-you-go price structure. They do not take any advance but charge on an incremental basis.

The review or set up fee is not charged for six days and the monthly fees are not charged for another month. Additionally, there are no cancellation charges. And with this minimal amount, they also provide personalized FICO Score Recommendations.

Thus, it makes the company worth the price and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company


CreditRepair.com has 15 years of experience. It gathers reports from the three biggest credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to check for all the negative items and evaluate each of them carefully. They also provide their customer with guidance and tips on how they can improve their score over the period of time.

CreditRepair.com also contacts the credit bureaus to understand if the credit score given is accurate and fair and question, verify and review the score by asking questions to them.

This helps to identify any fraud or theft. These services are also available on the mobile device and the plan starts as low as $99 per month.

How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in Las Vegas?

It is very common in Las Vegas to advertise about credit repair services due to which customers can get confused within a sea of choices. In Las Vegas, you should keep this in mind that not all the advertisements that provide offers to repair your credit are legitimate.

To make a choice on which credit repair company to opt for revolves around three parameters – cost, services, and history. Avoid the companies that make outrageous claims, on the other hand, go for the firms that provide an estimated time frame and charges for each of the services.

The following are characteristics to look for in a credit repair company in Las Vegas

  • Cost

The cost in Las Vegas varies from a monthly fee of approximately $190 to $500 and a set-up fee that ranges from $500 to $1999. Few firms also charge a flat fee for their services.

  • Services

Research about the services provided by the frim and to which all clients. It is also good to understand of any hidden feed.

  • History

A company registered with Better Business Bureau has much more of a credibility in Las Vegas than otherwise. Also, check if the firm has a business license or not. It is always good to check the records and their testimonials to understand the legitimacy of the firm.

Another characteristic to consider is whether the firms abide by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which requires a firm to provide in writing to the consumers about the services, along with the total costs, result, etc.

Why use Credit Repair services in Las Vegas?

People seeking credit repair services have most likely missed payments or have a few negative events on their credit report. There might also be instances where a customer might have found few mistakes in the recording of his or her credit history. This is where credit repairing comes into the picture. (Check Austin Credit Repair Companies)

Las Vegas is prone to scams. There was a case wherein a mortgage scam 55 homeowner’s money was stolen by the guilty, which is why it is of utmost importance to opt for credit repairing services in such successful cities.

You can either opt for doing a credit repairing all by yourself, as for this you don’t have to bear any cost. But to the downside of it, you need to invest a lot of time and effort which gets difficult for the people with full-time jobs and families. Having a credit repair firm will help in easing the processes as they are not emotionally involved with your financial history and have an expertise which makes the task easy.

How do I apply for Credit Repair in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Credit Repair is regulated by the Department of Business and Industry, Division of Mortgage Lending. You can get your credit repaired by doing on your own or hiring a credit repair company.

Be clear on the disputes and get your documentation in order. You can file a dispute letter to the bureaus for each of your errors or submit it online to the respective bureau’s website. As per the Act, a dispute needs to be resolved within 30 days, or in case of exceptions, it can go up to 45 days.

But if you decide to hire a credit repair company you need to be sure that they are ethical and reputable, along with the price they charge, as the service charge differs depending on the company you hire, the state where you live in and the type of service you apply for.

As per the Federal Trade Commission, credit repair companies are not allowed to take advance payments.

If there is any firm asking for any payments for their services, do not pay. Additionally, those companies who promise to provide 100% results immediately, are the ones you don’t want to fish for. It is illegal in Las Vegas to claim such results which are false.

Once you have decided on which Credit Repair company you want to opt for, along with the price, you need to provide the firm with enough supporting documentation. For instance, if there is any bill that was not yours but of your wife or husband, as per the divorce decree then you need to provide documents to the firm so that they are sure that this bill is not impacting you. 

Local Credit Repair Companies in Las Vegas 

1. Fast Credit Solutions

Fast Credit Solutions

The company is highly regarded for its hard-working solutions. They go a step ahead to solve the credit problems of their customers, however, if they are not able to, they give the refund back to their customers. Also, they constantly give the advice to improve the credit score for free of cost. They are also known for their prompt response and professionalism.

2. Silver State Credit Services

Silver State Credit ServicesSilver State is known to provide best services at a reasonable price. A consumer contacted Silver State and he was able to turn around his bad credit within 6 months, which helped him in buying a new home. The company, along with providing best solutions educated the customers on credit improvement. If a consumer does not need any credit improvement and their score and report is perfect, the company also tells them so along with how they can maintain it in the future, showing that they work in a transparent way.

3. Credit Restoration of Nevada

Credit Restoration of NevadaCredit Restoration of Nevada has positive reviews mostly, but they also have a bad reputation for customer service. At one side a customer was able to get a jump in her credit score from 530 to 640 which helped her in getting a home loan. However, on the other hand, a customer says that she never heard anything from the firm after signing up. There were no updates due to which she had to cancel her membership.

4. Fortress Credit Pro

Fortress Credit ProFortress Credit Pro at one side have reviews like that were able to remove 40 negative items, along with educating the customers about the credit and FICO score, however, at another end, there have also been complaints by the customers of having a bad customer support. Additionally, they do not inform the customers that their score might get dropped as well, which has been the complaint of many.

5. Vivix Credit Solutions

Vivix Credit SolutionsSome people say the staff is friendly, but there was a case where a customer spent $1500 only to find that his credit score did not increase very significantly, which made the company really expensive to work with. They charge a one time fee and then later charge a recurring monthly fee which customers should pay attention to while taking up for their services.

6. Credit Guard

Credit GuardLots of business and people were able to fix their credit score through Credit Guard, which will help you to get your home loan really quickly. There was a case where a customer was able to improve his score by 100 points in just 90 days, however, on the negative side of it, customers have complained that they do not pick the calls or answer to questions efficiently.

7. Alliance Credit Restoration

Alliance Credit RestorationAlliance Credit Restoration is known for its friendly and supportive staff and his recommended by many customers to improve the credit score. They also answer all the questions with patience and details. Customers were able to purchase a car and home loans as their credit score were improved drastically.

8. Lexington Law

Lexington LawLexington Law has a bad reputation in Las Vegas. Their services are very slow and many customers have regretted taking their services to repair their credit score. It is also said that they do not take time to explain the process correctly, so many customers had to go to the google themselves to understand the process instead.

9. Credit Law Solutions

Credit Law SolutionsA customer’s credit score was improved by Credit Law Solutions by 48 points in just 30 days. There was another customer whose three bad collections were completely removed, thus increasing her score by 72 points. This firm is thus highly recommended by the customers and have successfully improved numerous credit score of many customers.

10. Community Credit Repair

Community Credit RepairThey are known for their amazing work and is recommended by many. They have great expertise in law and regulations and customers have seen positive results through the firm. However, on another hand, many customers were disappointed as well. They have been considered unprofessional and hardly offered any help to few of the consumers due to which customers had to go through a lot of hassle.