Lexington Law –  Best company overall

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the most trusted name in Houston for its credit repair services. They offer credit education to the customers, along with video, eBooks, regular emails, etc. so that the customers are well aware. When you sign up for a case at Lexington Law, there is a separate paralegal who is specifically assigned to you to help you out throughout the case. He also sends you a biweekly update on the progress.

They also give an access to personal finance tools to improve the FICO score and all these costs just under $600. Apart from all this, they also give discounts to the couple if they sign up for the service together. 

Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit Repair

The best part of Sky Blue Credit is that, if you are running low on cash you can stop taking their services for a while and start again after a month. They have many online digital perks, that they give to the customers. They have in-depth tutorials to educate the customers and also have a how-to guide so that the customers are aware of all the steps. They have one of the lowest prices in the industry.

Their monthly fee is lower as compared to the others as they do not offer any high tier of services as they believe these services can be taken for free online. You can also get a 16 percent offer if you sign up as a couple.

Additionally, if you are tight on your budget, you can take about a month break, which provides you the flexibility to manage your costs.

CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company


Credit repair company is slightly more expensive when compared to other credit repair organizations, as they provide an ease to the customers to track their progress of disputes.

They also assign a paralegal specifically to your case so that you can get regular customer service support from that agent and he knows the case inside and out.

The company has over 15 years of experience and provide educational videos, tips, etc. to help a customer understand their score better so that they can manage their financials in the future. This helps the customers to be aware in case of thefts and fraud.

How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in Houston?

The credit repair organizations in Houston falls under the Texas Secretary of State.(Check San Antonio Credit Repair Companies) These organizations are governed under this rule, under which they should be registered and the registration should be renewed after every one year.

A good start to finding a credible credit repair firm in Houston would be by finding a reputable organization. A good company will advise you on managing the money and debts. They will also help in planning the budget and provide financial education.

Make a list of credit repair agencies in Houston and then check their reviews online, especially on the social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You can also check with Houston Attorney General to check if any consumer has filed any complaint against them. All this background verification is a must to check if a company is a scam or an honest one.

After these steps are done, you can contact the credit repair agencies on your own and ask them questions regarding the problem you are facing, to understand if they have a good knowledge and expertise.

The questions can vary and revolve around the services they offer, information provided by them on the problems, what plans they help in building, their fees, and charges for specific services, do they have the license of Houston, etc. this will give you an assurance that the company is just or not.

The credit repair company charges clients $79/month on average. If a firm is asking for an upright fee at the start of their services, know that it is a scam because as per the Credit Repair Organization Act, a credit repair company cannot ask for any advance payments.

Why use Credit Repair Services in Houston?

Credit repair is perfect when it comes to removing the negative accounts from the customer’s credit reports. Sometimes the algorithms used by the credit bureaus can get so complex, that if you plan to go ahead and solve the negatives on our own it can become a tedious task and time-consuming.

This is when credit repair companies come into the picture.

The biggest role of credit repair organization circles around three key parameters –

  1. Removing inaccuracies: they can clean up the credit report and can reduce the mistakes that are prevailing in the report
  2. Possibility of finding better jobs: in Houston, most companies check the credit report before giving a job, an improved credit score is what is needed in this cases and credit repair can be a major help for this
  3. Insurance policies improvement: before granting an insurance, an insurance firm checks the credit history. A credit repair firm can help in cleaning the report to help you in better access to the insurance.

Apart from all this, first check your credit score. If your credit score is below 500, do visit a credit repair agency. In fact, a credit score of 500-619 should also be a call for you to contact a credit repair firm. These ranges are considered a bad credit and can cause difficulty in buying of home, car or getting a loan.

How do I apply for Credit Repair in Houston?

Start by checking the credit report on your own first. You can do this by going to the respective website of the credit bureau or by contacting them. You can also visit the AnnualCreditReport.com and get the credit report of the three big bureaus, namely, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Once you have your credit report, start checking of any inaccurate information on the report. Check whether your personal information is correct and if the charge off and bill payments are recorded correctly.

If you think there are any mistakes in the report, file a dispute against that mistake. You can check for a sample dispute letter online to send it to the respective bureau.

If this is of no help and your credit score is not improving, then you can ask a credit repair company to help you. You can contact Federal Trade Commission as they provide tips on how to hire a credit repair agency. You can also check Better Business Bureau; they have a free resource page on such tactics.

The next step in making the decision would be to contact the credit repair agency. The consultation that they offer is free which will help you in having an idea about the professionalism and diligence they follow while offering services.

Local Credit Repair Companies in Houston

1. Credit Glory Credit Repair

Credit Glory Credit RepairThis company is recommended by many customers. They are said to do a superb job and has helped many customers to improve the credit score. They also answer emails and phone calls really quickly and in time.

They are also known for their customer support and services and have many success stories. Customers feel they are prudent and efficient and have provided satisfactory services.

2. ASAP Credit Repair

ASAP Credit RepairThey are said to have a fantastic service, with fantastic communication and efforts. Consumers feel that they also are very efficient and effective and have exceeded their expectations.

However, one of the consumers was very disappointed and feel that they do not pay attention to the items given on the report, as instead of his score going up, went down, without him not knowing the actual reason.

3. Elevate My Scores

Elevate My ScoresCustomers are really happy with the services provided by Elevate My Scores. They were able to buy home loans, or cars, as their score improved.

One of the consumers feel that the company is the one you can rely upon, and they are also very kind and honest. They are also attentive and have an excellent customer support service.

4. 700 Plus Credit

700 Plus CreditCustomers are not happy with the services that this firm provide. Many ended up spending a lot, finding later that their credit score did not change at all.

The customer support is not responsive and many had to contact them multiple times, only to find that they again have to go through the re-evaluation process. The company’s processes are very poor and also the things promised at the beginning are not up to the mark.

5. The Credit Agents

The Credit AgentsThe company has mixed reviews, with some saying that they have helped them in improving the credit score and have really simple processes. However, few of them say that paid hefty amounts only to find that even after months their credit score has not improved that much.

They provide misleading steps and keeps on changing analysts. They also give false information.

6. Consumer Credit Capital

Consumer Credit CapitalThe company has mixed responses. The company is promising and professional at the beginning, however, if a consumer contacts them again with questions, the consumer says that the staff becomes rude and irritated.

On the other hand, many customers think that their processes are amazing and they would refer them to their other friends. They are quite helpful as well.

7. Improve My Credit the USA 

Improve My Credit the USAClients are happy with the services offered by Improve My Credit USA. They treat them well and bring a customer to an ease and comfort. Many have recommended them to their friends.

However, few of the customers complained that even after months they were not able to improve the credit score significantly. Additionally, post this, the company did not either respond or verified their statements of disputes, even when a customer mailed them repetitively.

8. Time For Good Credit 

Time For Good Credit Customers say that they lack knowledge of the improvement in credit score and instead they ended up disputing good items on the credit report.

Instead of helping the customer it cost him dollars and reduced his credit score instead of increasing it.