If you like to keep track of things and want to stay connected with what’s happening with your credit, CreditRepair.com is the service you should go for.


Credit Repair

Key Highlights:

  • They get started at a setup cost of $14.99 (after which they pull your credit reports) and a monthly charge of $99.95.
  • You can use free consultation to clear any specific doubts before getting started.
  • TransUnion Credit Score Monitoring is completely integrated. (Helps you track how your credit is improving).
  • With the mobile App, you can track your score on the go.
  • Finally, since there is no contract, you can cancel their services at any point.

Support and Service

With an experience of over 20 years, the folks at CreditRepair.com know what they are doing. They are on the fast track to becoming the No. 1 platform for Credit Repair and Credit Monitoring. And this unique blend separates them from the Hoi Polloi of companies out there.

Getting started with CreditRepair.com is also super easy and all you have to do is sign up on their website. At a setup cost of just $14.99, they will pull your credit report (from the 3 bureaus) and feed those into their system.

Once you pay the monthly fees of $99.95, they will give you access to your online dashboard through which you choose which items you want to challenge.

They then prepare an action plan and get in touch with creditors to get those entries removed. They also work in removing other entries, which cumulatively improves your credit score.

You can track your progress (i.e. your credit score) as the TransUnion Credit Score Monitoring is integrated with their services. This helps when you are applying for a loan and can instantly check if your credit score is improving and if that is the case you can wait for some time, to get a lower rate of interest.

At any point in time, however, if you not happy with their services you can cancel your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CreditRepair.com work?

Once you sign up for their services, they start taking negative entries (of your report) and start getting in touch with creditors and bureaus. If they are unable to give proof of that entry, it is removed from your credit report. Each removal from your credit report has a positive impact on your credit score.

You can also provide the documents (like receipts) and they will use them as proof to further your case. They work with a specialized team that has mastered the law of credit. So if there is any entry that doesn’t uphold to the standard set by the law, then that is removed from your report.

How to get Started?

CreditRepair.com has a simplified process for the users. First up, you can call on their toll-free no. (1-855-255-0265) and they will assist you with the whole process, and also give a free consultation on what can be done with your credit report.

To sign up you can visit their website, and pay the setup cost. They then pull your credit report (from the 3 major credit bureaus) and feed into their system. After logging into the dashboard, you can choose the entries you think have a higher chance of getting removed and then CreditRepair.com starts working on them right away.

You can track your progress through the mobile app or website. You can sign up, then you will get an email and message alerts every time an entry is removed from your credit report. 

How Long does it take for Services to Work?

There is no specific number of days that the company promises. They are also legally bound to offer any promises on credit repair companies. However, after working with hundreds of thousands of clients, they do offer certain assumptions.

As per their website, the user can expect an uptick in their score after the first 2-4 months and can see significant results in the first 6 months. However, this can change depending on the kind of work that needs to be put on your credit report.

Do they offer a guarantee?

CreditRepair.com offers no guarantee. However, you can track your progress in the mobile app and if at any time you feel that they are not working as per your liking, then you can cancel their services (at no added cost).

How much does it typically cost?

CreditRepair.com changes a flat setup cost of $14.99. This is charged to pull in your credit reports and feed those into their system. Next, there is a monthly cost of $99.95.

If you are a couple (friends, married, family members) then you can sign up together and save 50 bucks each of your first payment. (100$ in total).