Lexington Law –  Best company overall  

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is operational for 25 years now and is also rated as an “A” by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Its website has claimed that they have seen that they are able to remove 24% of the negative items within 24 months.

Additionally, they provide a licensed paralegal to every individual’s case as they believe in making only one individual aware of the case of the consumer from the start to end for efficient decision making and for saving time, as switching from one staff to another can be a hassle at both the end.

They also provide a live tracking application through their website or mobile application within the initial fee of $99.95, which you don’t have to pay if they have not provided you with the completed services.

Sky Blue Credit – Best Budget Company

Sky Blue Credit Repair


Sky Blue Credit is stated as the best firm to go to when you are short on cash for all the right reasons.

First, it has the lowest initial fee of just $59 per month. This is the lowest in the industry.

Secondly, this firm gives a couple discount of 16% if they provide for a program together.

Thirdly, they have a system in place wherein a customer can withdraw from their services if they are short on cash. For instance, if you do not have enough money to pay the credit bureau you can take a breather of a month and avail for their services after a month, which is possibly the best way to manage your cost especially when you are low on cash.

CreditRepair.com – Best Identity Theft Protection Company




The website of creditRepair.com claims that they can increase the credit score of an individual by 40 points within four months and their clients have seen an average of 11 items removal in 2013.

Their initial fee is $99.95 per month and has a trained expert especially assigned to your case. they also provide a personal dashboard and a tracking system through which you can get text and email alerts. They also have an educational system in place with Transunion credit monitoring system.

Additionally, their most famous package is Concord package that offers scrutiny of the lenders on whether they follow the FTC regulations or not.

How to pick the right Credit Repair Company in Austin?

The first and foremost step before sinking in money in a credit repair firm is doing a bit of your research. If the website contains outdated data, or is sloppy, or claims guaranteed results then it is the first sign that the firm is not reputable.

Signs of loyal credit repair company are:

  • They provide a written contract, briefing you on the services provided by them along with detailed description
  • Explain you the cancellation policy
  • Tell you about the total cost involved
  • Outlines the timelines and how long it will take using their software
  • Clarify all the guarantees they make.

Another sign to look out for is their customer staff. If they are rude, or unprofessional or lack a basic understanding of the market you should look elsewhere. Some credit repair organizations also charge a lot of money but don’t really help you. They also ask for money before providing any of the services. This is another sign of a scam.

Start by looking at the list of approved credit repair organizations in Austin. This list can be easily obtained online. You can check this list with State Attorney General’s office of Austin which will also help you to understand your local laws. You can later contact the company for counseling services to understand how much knowledge they have for the case.

Why use Credit Repair Services in Austin?

Sometimes poor credit score can get overwhelming as the credit report is a total mess and trying to improve the score by yourself can be a tedious task. Also in America, a credit score says a lot about you. It acts as an impression of your identity in front of the lenders, and thus having a bad score can make your life a little difficult. A professional and experienced credit repair service can make things easier for you.(Check Las Vegas Credit Repair Companies)

According to a study by Experian, more than a third Americans have a FICO score that is below 601 which can be caused by several reasons like the unpaid collection, bankruptcy or a reporting of account items that are not yours.

At times customers also try to get their score improved on their own or by filing a dispute with the credit bureaus, but the processes involved can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. This is where seeking help from a credit repair agency can be beneficial for you.

They are qualified professionals who are aware of the complex algorithms followed at the backend of the credit bureaus. They negotiate on your behalf from the creditors and bureaus to improve your score and remove the false information.

Additionally, they also provide education and advice on better decision making for your future financials.

How do I apply for Credit Repair in Austin?

Before approaching a credit repair company, it is always the best to check out the credit report for yourself. Every year you can take your free credit report as per Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can get the report from either any of the three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax or Transunion) or from AnnualCreditReport.com.

If you believe the credit bureau has not filed the correct items in the report you can file a dispute with them, however, the easiest and hassle freeway would be to approach the credit repair agency to help with your case.

List down the reputable with good credit reviews in Austin and contact them individually with your case. Ask them technical questions for a better call on who is better and more knowledgeable of the industry. If they are asking for an upfront fee, that would be the sign for you to look out for more options.

Additionally, before approaching a credit repair firm, remember that you are allowed to withdraw from their services within a week of applying if their services are not up to the mark for you.

Local Credit Repair Companies in Austin 

1. Austin Credit Group

Austin Credit Group

The staff of this firm is regarded as professional. They have successfully improved the score of many customers and the customer support is very friendly and responsive. The customer support is also regarded as polite and patient and help the customers a lot. They are recommended by many customers to their family and friends and every client has an amazing experience with them.

2. Credit Rx America

Credit Rx AmericaThe firm is very professional and has helped customers to get their credit score improve significantly. They also charge only if their services are completed, otherwise, they do not take any costs or charges from the customer. They are recommended by the customers to other individuals and are available day and night to help out the customers.

3. Elevate My Scores

Elevate My Scores

The seminars conducted by this firm, namely, Credit 101, is regarded as the best. They have in-depth knowledge of the industry and are very informative in this particular area, which has helped customers a lot to improve their scores in their real life as well. This has helped the firm to gain many referrals from the clients.

4. Texas Best Credit Repair

Texas Best Credit RepairThis firm has increased the score of the customer which enabled them to purchase their own house. They have helped in removing many negative items that were derogatory.